Established in 2007, Digital Electronics Solutions "ZONIK" is one of Al Fozan Group’s newest business ventures. As the second pillar in United Electronics Company, it marks the group’s entry into the niche market of premium electronics where coupled by its sister company eXtra enables UEC to cater to all tastes & needs for consumer electronics in the Saudi market. ZONIK has been created by UEC to enable the group to better compete with higher focus in the telecom retail arena.

With an assortment of mid to high-end products the award winning ZONIK concept store caters to the tech geek type of customer who demands the latest gadgets in the market to cater for his business or personal needs alike. ZONIK is focused on providing fully customized solution in the following selected categories; mobile communications, photography, personal (mobile) Audio/Video, Computing, Gaming, & Digital Content.
ZONIK’s unique store layout allows the consumers to interact with the displayed items, where they can try out every gadget, device & even game before buying it to ensure complete their satisfaction. The Digital Content is what sets Zonik apart from completion where it’s the only store in the Kingdom (as well as Middle East) where you can download licensed music or movies in a digital format on your memory stick, external hard drive, mobile phone, memory card, or iPod for a specially designed platform.
Zonik also partnered with Zain, the third GSM provider in Saudi Arabia, to operate their retail, distribution and SME/SOHO business. The latest addition to the ZONIK business is the partnership with NOKIA mobile handsets as a Regional Distributor in KSA.
PO BOX 4864, Khobar 31952
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel: +966 (3) 8959126 or +966 (3) 8959127
Fax: +966 (3) 8967912 or +966 (3) 8967913